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  1. dbminter: Yes. i created an ISO from the contents of a bootable USB. But this ISO failed to boot. I even borrowed etfsBoot off a Win 10 CD, and put it in the root directory of the contents of HBCD, and made an ISO, using ImgBurn. This ISO was also not bootable. it gave me BOOTMGR not present error
  2. Thanks Lightening and dbminter for your fast responses. lightening, I like the problem as a technical challenge. ImgBurn is a powerful program, and like your other users, I do want to use it. As for using downloaded ISOs, in my case that does not apply. I have edited HBCD to improve its functionality. Dbminter, their are many program CDs which come with etfsBoot. There is no problem with ImageBurn collecting all the files, and using etfsBoot, making the ISO bootable. For the sake of discussion let us concentrate on a single utility CD, like Hiren HBCD. So how about a solution for making the ISO of HBCD as constituted from a bootable USB flash bootable ?
  3. Missing etfsBoot If this topic has been discussed before, I apologize for not being able to find it. Search function was used, without any result. Many diagnostic and utility CDs are missing etfsBoot. Examples which come to mind are Hirens HBCD and its different variations like DLC etc. Same is true for F4UBCD, Gandalf’s CD, Strelneck CD etc. I can put the contents of any of these CDs on a USB stick, and make them bootable using Rufus. Here is my problem: Let us aasume I have any one of these utility CDs on a bootable flash drive. I want to prepare a bootable ISO image of the bootable flash drive, using ImgBurn. How do I do this? I even tried borrowing the etfsBoot file from Windows 10 installation DVD, and putting it in the root directory of the flashdrive. The ISO I created still gave me an error BOOTMGR missing. Let me repeat my question: Q: How do I create a bootable ISO of a bootable flash drive ( missing etfsBoot) using ImgBurn?

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