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    Add Files/Dir to ISOs Before Burn ?

    Seems very odd to me - I need to load drivers for the very device that I just booted from ? Think about it...the BIOS supports booting from CD, so, why, after booting from CD, do I need to load a driver so I can then see/use that same drive ? And why, if I can boot from a floppy, take it out, put another in, and run a program, why can't a person do the same with a cd ? Not rocket science I wouldn't think. All this makes me wonder, how does one make a bootable ISO, as, if I can add my 3com file >before< a certain step, why can't I make a bootcd with the 3com file in it, internally, so I can run it after booting ? The problem I have with listing device=cdrom or whatever, is I want this boot cd to work on ANY PC, with ANY cdrom, because ANY PC can boot from a cd, just like any PC can boot from a floppy. Seems pretty simple to me. Maybe this is why some folks say booting from a memory stick is easier.
  2. Hello My 1st Topic I need to be able to boot from a CD, but then either the CD must have extra files (that I would add) or I must be able to use a different CD in the drive afterwards, JUST LIKE a 3.5" floppy can. 1-Boot from cd1 (DOS401 CD I already made) 2-Take CD1 out 3-Put cd2 in 4-Run program OR 1-boot from CD1 with 401DOS ISO and with some other files on/in it too. UPDATE I can create a bootable CD with the DOS401 ISO, and it'll boot. But I cannot put a different CD in and run an exe on it, or even DIR for that matter. So then with IMGBURN I tried to add a file (3c5x9cfg.exe) but ended up with IIRC 8 files (4 DOS, 2 DOS hidden, 1 DOS401.iso and the 3com exe) instead of a bootable ISO with 7 files in it. So then I used another program which seemed to work...It APPEARS to be the DOS401 bootable cd with an extra file (the exe) BUT, after booting I cannot see the exe doing a DIR. So I'm thinking maybe it's hidden, like the other 2 Hidden as they don't show up with a DIR either, so I try to run the exe typing the name of it out, but it can't find it that way either. So, I'm still searching for ways to boot from a cd and then run a program. Ahhh...the joys of a 3.5" drive !!! And they call this new stuff progress !

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