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  1. Thanks for sharing great feedback!
  2. Hello, I got some good news and some bad news, good news is I got both my BD-R DL discs and BD-RW DL discs, I burned the iso in the rewritable verbatim discs and everything went great, no issues or errors, clean burn. That gave me confidence to move to the BD-R discs, which are verbatim too, but as I was verifying, I got a different error (I chose to ignore and operation comlpleted), not sure how critical this is, but my understanding is there should be no errors at all. I am attaching the log for this. Any insight or feedback would be very helpful. Thanks, ImgBurn 02-01 ROCKY2.log Jose
  3. Great information and feedback, I ordered a Verbatim spindle from Amazon plus 3 BD-DL RE for testing. Thanks a lot!, as soon as I get those, I will tell you how it goes. Jose
  4. I figure and yeah, it makes sense. Now let me ask you something, how critical or important is the supported writing speed, say a disc only supports 4X vs one that supports 6x, would that be more prone to errors or issues?. Also, is there some type of test I could do in the unit to confirm its not faulty?, I have used it for ripping blurays without a problem, and I also burned a couple of BDs 25/SL (using a non-ritek disc). This unit is relatively new, I got it in November. Thanks, Jose
  5. Thanks a lot for the advice, I will try that.
  6. Hello, I recently ripped some ISOs using DVDFab passkey, I can play these without a problem, but now I am trying to use IMGburn to burn these. I just got the discs and got the unit some months ago. I have a Verbatim Writer 70102 and I am using Smart Buy BD DL, I have tried to burn the same title 4 times already and I keep getting the L-EC error. I am attaching the log. Any help or pointers as to the root cause of the issue would be very helpful. Thanks. Jose ImgBurn01-24.log

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