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    Direct show timeout error

    Footnote -- I should have taken my own advice [in the meta-comment I made about WMP and cover art]. Given the success of removing all of the tags, I went back and tried removing the tags one at a time. I tried the cover-art first and it was the one -- something can't process the huge cover art mp3 tag!
  2. BernieC

    Direct show timeout error

    Bingo! I didn't fully understand your comment, so I just deleted *all* the tags and now it processes just fine. Which tag do you think was the problem? Thanks!!
  3. BernieC

    Direct show timeout error

    I found a flac converter. My 7.5 meg mp3 file turned into a 44meg FLAC file [!]. Got a different error this time though
  4. BernieC

    Direct show timeout error

    Ithought it might be that the mp3 tags were so long [that cut really has a 70 char title], so I looked at the next cut and it was pretty vanilla. I'll see if I can find something to conve3rt to FLAC and try that.
  5. BernieC

    Direct show timeout error

    That's what I'm thinking. I can scan the mp3tabs [and compare them with the corresponding tags in a similar file from Amazon] and see if I spot something awry. I had to do this once before: little known fact. Windows Media Player 9 can't play an mp3 with embedded cover art! I've attached the mp3 tags. I wonder if the problem is that they're too long. mp3tag.html
  6. BernieC

    Direct show timeout error

    This is odd -- latest version of imgburn on a win7/pro system. I've created dozens of cue sheets [and then burned the audio disks] with imgburn. But I bought an album from Amazon yesterday and I get direct-show errors with it. I checked the forums and all the problems with codecs and such seem to be from a decade ago [and with XP :o)]. I just double checked against an album I had previously made a cue from and it worked without a problem. What can be wrong/different about the new .mp3 files to give the direct show stuff a problem. ImgBurn.log

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