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    CREATE files

    Ok, thanks, I will play around with it. I have a lot of CDs to try. If I find out anything I will post it.
  2. rnrkeeper

    CREATE files

    Is it possible to place an image (JPG) in an audio CD, like a LP cover image in the TITLE area of the CD. There is plenty of room in just about all of my LP conversions. Maybe some versions of players might have this feature.
  3. rnrkeeper

    CREATE files

    Then I can put this updated file in the CD and it will be the final product? This CD will now play on any player? I'm sorry I just don't know what you can and can't do with this program.
  4. rnrkeeper

    CREATE files

    Thank you for the information, I know what the output means now. Now, is there anyway to generate a .BIN file from this?
  5. rnrkeeper

    CREATE files

    The .WAV CUE file says "File.wav"WAVE, then REM FILE DECODED-SIZE mm:ss:ms that looks like a BASIC REM file?
  6. rnrkeeper

    CREATE files

    I have managed to get a CUE file from a CD that is .WAV files and I created a .BIN & .CUE file from an existing audio CD. They are obviously different. Is there an explanation of the different line items? The CD cue has timing sectors with spacing cues. Is there a listing of the line definitions and what they mean?
  7. rnrkeeper

    CREATE files

    I have downloaded the manual, and it covers a lot. What is doesn't cover is how you create files, like BIN and CUE. What I would like to do is create those files in a storage place and then create a CD. I have as I said 150 CDs with .WAV files. I am hoping I can create a BIN and CUE, then create a CD.
  8. I am trying to figure out whether you have to have a CD already burned with the Joliet(?)/Redbook format before you can put the CD-Text OR whether you can have all the information on your hard drive (.wav files. BIN, Cue) I'm not sure what the calculator function  does (figure out the sectors needed). I really must sound like a real dummy, sorry.

  9. Hello, I am a newbie to Imgbrn. I have been collecting my music for most of my life. I have gone to record meets and collected vinyl and have cleaned them with software and storing them on CDs. I have found that you can put track information with this software. I have learned that you can run a and get CUE and BIN files. I learned a little about the format, but I can't figure out how to make regular Cd by taking an album of wave files and merging them into a CD that will display the artist, song, whatever. I am not selling these things, I just want to make a nice CD that will give all the information. If these is a Imgbrn for dummies (I am one for sure). I have approximately 150+ CDs that have WAV masters and would like to make some nice CDs for my collection. Is there a way? Thank you for listening. RNRKEEPER
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