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  1. Each and every time I try to download the update from the Mirror 7 - Provided by ImgBurn my Norton says that the download is unsafe and contains a known virus and then deletes the download. I figured it would be safe as it is provided by the makers of the program. Came up with the same results 4 of the 5 times I tried to download it from that Mirror. The one time it let me download it, I had Norton scan the program before running it and it said it was safe, BUT, when I tried to run it it then came up with the same warning and then deleted it. Then I saw that this page was provided by Digital Digest so I tried that Mirror link and there was no problem from Norton about that download, during downloading or when running the update program. Just letting you know this as you might want to check out the Mirror 7 software to actually see if it is infected. I personally won't trust anything that Norton won't check as clean. In the past when stuff like that has come up and was told by their Tech Support (company will remain unknown) to just disable my anti-virus program I got infected and lost all my data, so that won't ever happen again because I will never ever again disable my AV to bypass its warnings ever again.

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