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  1. I'm likely going blind, but I couldn't find the free version of Daemon tools. I just tested with Virtual Clonedrive, and it worked great! Thank you!
  2. Thank you for the reply! I don't have a disk drive, so I was just looking to make a .iso so I can mount it that way. Is there any way to convert it over? If not, what programs would you recommend that can mount .CUE files?
  3. I tried using the obvious "Create Image file from files/folders" option. However, when I selected the .bin and .cue file and hit the "build" button, the resulting ISO didn't behave like a disk at all. When I mounted it, it just appeared like a folder. Inside were just the old .bin and .cue files. This is supposed to be for some software, so when I mount it I should either be able to see all the files inside (like the installer/executable/etc) or it should automatically open up some kind of installer. There is the possibility that the .bin and .cue files were screwed up somehow, it's easily over 2 decades old. EDIT: Solution. I used Virtual CloneDrive (free software) to open the .bin file. Worked fantastic! Just like mounting a normal ISO file.

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