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    Add as Write output a File Image mode too

    No reply from devs…?
  2. Today I created a mixed mode CD (1 single session: 1st track data + next tracks audio), but found no option to make a cue/bin directly without having to write first the temporary CUE to a physical CD-RW and create a real mixed mode CD… then I was finally able to save a cue/bin from the mixed mode CD to be mounted with Daemon Tools Lite... So my request is: could you please add as an output option for Write an Image File mode too? (Perhaps I've chosen the wrong way to accomplish it?) Thank you!
  3. Thank you for reply. Those files work fine with AnyBurn for example… mmh, but it must be closed source too (I'm not sure). Yes, can burn Enchanced CD starting from BIN/CUE, but can create them too? Can it create an image file from a new project with: 1st session with audio tracks + 2nd session with data track in CD-ROM XA Mode 2, Form 1 format?
  4. Hello, I've installed Imgburn because is one of the very few burners able to decently manage old mixed mode discs (1 session: 1st track data, next tracks audio) for ancient Amiga/PC games of the '90... I also have Daemon Tools 10.10 Lite to mount and convert between file formats (bin+cue, nrg, mds/mdf....) and here is the problem with Imgbrun: trying to load a mds/mdf it reported a "Error: can only open mds version 1.x, this one is 2.1" :-( then with a .nrg file of a mixed mode CD it says can only manage nrg files single track :-( ...so my question is: will these formats compatibility improved anytime soon? It is a great burning software but the partial compatibility with some common formats make it... meh... for some tasks. Last question: can ImgBurn burn/create images in Enhanced CD mode ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blue_Book_(CD_standard) ) too?

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