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    Can't create ISO from DVD

    Hello dbminter, Sorry to be so long getting back to you. Yes, I have a Panasonic DVD recorder connected to my DISH TV service so that I can record TV shows to DVDs. It is the same recorder that I used when I used to create ISO images with an earlier version of the ImgBurn software. I lost that version in a hard drive crash and when I found you again and installed the latest version, it no longer would create the ISO file. Thanks, Mike
  2. Gadget57

    Can't create ISO from DVD

    Hello, I used to use an earlier version of this software that would allow me to create an ISO image from a DVD created in my DVD recorder. I don't remember the version number, but I lost that software in a hard drive meltdown. I downloaded the current version and tried to create an ISO file, but I got the following error message: "Sorry, using Read mode to create an image file from a multi-track DVD-ROM disc is not currently supported. Instead, use Build mode to create a new 'clean' image based on the contents of the disc." I tried changing to build mode, but it is asking me to locate the files, which don't exist yet. I know that my DVD recorder didn't change the way it creates a disc, so I'm confused at why the software will no longer create the ISO file. Any ideas? Thanks, Mike

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