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    Can't create ISO from DVD

    Hello, I used to use an earlier version of this software that would allow me to create an ISO image from a DVD created in my DVD recorder. I don't remember the version number, but I lost that software in a hard drive meltdown. I downloaded the current version and tried to create an ISO file, but I got the following error message: "Sorry, using Read mode to create an image file from a multi-track DVD-ROM disc is not currently supported. Instead, use Build mode to create a new 'clean' image based on the contents of the disc." I tried changing to build mode, but it is asking me to locate the files, which don't exist yet. I know that my DVD recorder didn't change the way it creates a disc, so I'm confused at why the software will no longer create the ISO file. Any ideas? Thanks, Mike
  2. Gadget57

    Can't create ISO from DVD

    Hello dbminter, Sorry to be so long getting back to you. Yes, I have a Panasonic DVD recorder connected to my DISH TV service so that I can record TV shows to DVDs. It is the same recorder that I used when I used to create ISO images with an earlier version of the ImgBurn software. I lost that version in a hard drive crash and when I found you again and installed the latest version, it no longer would create the ISO file. Thanks, Mike

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