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  1. I dont have transcend setting in booktype options, what should i select? And BTW i use transcend external dvd drive
  2. I dont use any type of modchip, i softmodded my system, not hard mod. I just needed to patch the iso and then burn it, i did that and everything works.
  3. i know, it also said to me that "invalid operation code" message, but game is working, i used DVD+R DL because i burned God of War which is approximately 6GB which cant fit on single layer disc. I am using Free MCBoot on PS2 and double layer disc is working, i guess double layer disc is working on PS2 v7 and above, i have v10 so maybe thats why is it working.
  4. I googled and transcend shows but there isnt such an option. But nevermind i succesfully burned and its playing for PS2. I guess ImgBurn automatically managed to booktype DVD+R DL to DVD-ROM even if i didnt select anything.
  5. Please help me it doesnt say anywhere who makes their drives not even on manual and box itself.

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