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    Create Image from Disk.... iso versus bin

    Thanks for all your help. The CD has an autorun program that opens when I double click on the CD listing in Explorer. When I tried changing the file type to .iso when creating a disk image, I get a warning from "Yoda" that iso is not an appropriate Container format for the disk. However Imgburn offered to try to convert from Mode2/Form1 to Mode1 and if was SUCCESSFUL!! Thanks to all for your help.
  2. natgild

    Create Image from Disk.... iso versus bin

    Thanks for your reply. The disc I am trying to copy is a Cd containg a CT scan from a local imaging center. I am guessing the center has changed formats as prior scan CDs were saved as iso?
  3. I have been using Imgburn for years, largely to save my CD's on hard disk. With newer versions of Windows, I am able to just mount an iso file generated by Imgburn without additional software. Recently I noted that Imgburn generates .bin/cue files instead of iso files, at least with some CD's. It appears I can not just mount the bin/cue file in Windows without additional software. Is there a way to force Imgburn to create an iso file instead of bin/cue?

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