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  1. Thanks for the replies! I know that the ability to change booktype can be added by flashing the firmware of the DVD drive (which is what I did to this drive to get it to set booktype to DVD-ROM). I suppose if layer type is the same deal, it could potentially be set in a custom firmware as well? Or is layer type set more deeply than the firmware? I am doing this for Xbox for emulator development, so I can't "upgrade" the player. Otherwise it'd be no problem
  2. Hello! I have a device that will only read a DVD if the layer type is set to "read-only" (not "Recordable"). When I burn a disc, it stays as Recordable, but when my friend burns a disc, it changes to "read-only". Is there a way to force this? Note this is different than "booktype". If I set booktype to DVD-ROM, it still doesn't change it. I also tried finalizing the disc by clicking Verify Disc > Tools > Drive > Close > Track (then repeated for Session and Disc, waiting until the drive stopped each time). Thank you!

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