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  1. I hope these snapshots (attached) help. Downloads and snapshots from today (2019-08-16).
  2. Hi! The site from where I downloaded (what it seems to be a v. infected by threat according to Windows 10 Defender) is indeed the mirror 7, managed by imgburn.com. As I have told, Edge have destroyed it before I had access to it. Using the same tools - and the same browsing section -, I tried other mirrors to download v. They were: majorgeeks (mirror 6), techspot (5), free-codes (4) and softpedia (3). They all passed the Windows Defender screening and they all delivered the same image (i.e., all presented the same SHA-1 value). Nonetheless, the SHA-1 value does not match the one presented at the download page. The software used to calculate SHA-1 belongs to 7-zip, v19.00.
  3. Hi! (" My") Windows 10 Security detected a virus when downloading v2.5.8.0 from imgburn.com - and thus the downloaded file is immediately discarded. This does not happen when downloading from other mirrors - I tested 4 of them. In addition, neither CRC32 nor SHA-1 match the value stated in your downloading page.
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