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  1. 20 minutes ago, dbminter said:

    I doubt there is.  Write speeds are based on a few factors, one of them being whatever the write rates are set at on the media and the write strategies in the firmware of the drive writing to that media.  Meaning you probably can't get anything lower or greater than what they're set at.  Unless the firmware is specifically rated to burn a media at a higher than rated rate and do it safely.  Plus, it's sometimes down to the whim of the drive.  For instance, a drive may return a blank has X rate on it, but won't actually write at that rate but a lower one.  And it can be random when it does and doesn't do this.  So, bottom line, I doubt there's any trick you can employ to get a drive to burn a disc at a lower than its lowest rated rate.

    So, do you know models of some CD drives that I can get low speeds (1x, 2x)?

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