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  1. hello i hope this message finds you well i am trying to backup some data and getting errors when verifying dual layer disks i have 2 drives in my machine, both appear to be Pioneer one a reader writer and the other a reader to try to track down the issue i did a test writing at 2x and this appeared to work with no errors, after the burn i got successfully completed before the write i went into settings and restored defaults i enclose logs for both the writes and i tried to verify on both drives and enclose these, i also enclose the info when the drives read the disks in the logs a video file is referenced and this file does not seek and play to the end, vlc falls over i would greatly appreciate any help to try to solve this issue, i have read your comments on poor disks and hope this is not the issue kind regards noel imgburn_2_x_write_info.txt imgburn_verify2_info.txt imgburn_verify_info.txt verify2_2_x_log.log verify_2_x_log.log write_2_x_log.log

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