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  1. That makes sense. It IS a proprietary format, owned by the DCA according to Wikipedia. It's a format for sending audio discs to replicators because it contains additional information such as CD text, exact gap size, cross fades, etc, and maybe more importantly, there can not be errors introduced by any ripping process because there's error correction in the DDP file itself which doesn't exist in Redbook audio. On the DVD side, where it's less common, it also contains the information that tells the writer where to change layers on DL DVDs too which is handy when you need to control such things. You are probably. It probably would require a license. I don't know how their license works, if there are levels (such as create, write, play) or if it's a flat fee. If there's a cost involved I understand why it wouldn't be supported in imgburn, especially since many users wouldn't have need. Thank you for the reply. Peace.
  2. I love the software so first let me say thank you. My suggestion would be to add support for DDP files. We sometimes have need to write a disc from the DDP file created in authoring programs. It's basically an ISO file for audio discs in the application we have however a DDP could also include DVDs with specific layer breaks etc. I have no idea how hard it would be to add this file support, but that's my suggestion. In the meantime, thank you again.
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