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  1. Ok, thank you for all, I wrote to you in the second forum ;)
  2. Maybe you know how to do with BD Rebuilder blu-ray format 1920x1080 (BDMV and CERTIFICATE folders) from .mkv (Matroska) (MPEG4 Video (H264) 3840x2160 23.976fps L5.1, yuv420p)?
  3. Yes, it was about DVD Rebuilder - my mistake. Alright, I won't remove any of those folders Ok, thank you. Here is about the issues, but maybe the issues are from wrong setup or no additions Avisynth, LAV Directshow Filters or ffdshow and MatroskaSplitter. https://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?t=143716&page=1451 Do you prefer BD Rebuilder version 0.60.29 or another version is checked and work good?
  4. I found BD Rebuilder, version 0.60.29, but read about issues with this version, because the version is also only for beta testing. The last BD Rebuilder Professional Edition Version 1.28.2 is from 12th July 2008, so is older, so I don't know what version is better. I have problem with empty folders with option Movie-Only Backup in BD Rebuilder. Can I remove the folders or no? Better is record in ImgBurn with the empty folders or without them? This applies to folders such as: CERTIFICATE (is empty and I don't know adds the folder to record or delete it and adds only BDMV folder) In folder BDMV (AUXDATA, BDJO, JAR, META - are empty and I don't know record the folders whether remove) Possibly maybe my settings are wrong, because it's being created new empty folders. Verbose Status Reporting is it only report and the setup don't do nothing with movie? (for sure)
  5. Thank you for your help I have a problem with find update.
  6. Thank you so much Ch3vr0n! Great job! Thank you for your time for me. My disk now has a normal end. Awesome I needed it so much. Thank you but everything is ok right now, so maybe better not... I had always auto playback loop. Yes, it is default behavior, but now my problem with help Ch3vr0n will forgotten
  7. No, my blu-ray disc don't start automatically only when a disc finished (movie), play automatically again (loop playback). I do structure with BD Rebuilder, v0.50.05. I show you my settings:
  8. I create image file from files/folders with ImgBurn
  9. Hello. I recorded movies on Blu-ray discs with ImgBurn. My recorded Blu-ray discs at the end of the recording automatically play again in a stationary blu-ray player. Movies on blu-ray discs I have recorded as a disc image ISO in ImgBurn. Is there any setting in ImgBurn that is responsible for this? I have set up the player correctly - Auto Play: Off, Disc Resume: Off. DVD movies not recorded in ImgBurn plays me correctly - when finished, they don't play automatically again. Samsung SE-506AB - BDXL drive - Hi-Speed USB Series The way I record with ImgBurn: a) Create image file from files/folders b) Source - Add folder - mark BDMV - select a folder Source - Add folder - mark CERTIFICATE - select a folder c) Options - Data Type: MODE1/2048, File System: UDF, UDF Version: 2.50, v Recurse Subdirectories (I have marked only this) d) Information - I click Calculate e) I click Build (in the bottom left) f) I choose where to save - Save as type: ISO Files (*.iso) - Save Recording: a) Write image file to disc b) Source - Add folder - I choose a previously saved file - .iso c) Destination - I choose: TSST corp BDDV DW SE-506AB d) Write Speed: 2x e) Number of copies: 1 f) Save (icon in the bottom left)

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