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    ImgBurn Hanging During Finalisation

    You'll be pleased to learn I ran this again tonight (twice, in fact) and successfully created the ISO file. At the point of where I thought it was getting stuck it dawned on me to select a Layer Break Position... As there was only the one, I selected it and the process ran through to the end. I don't know why I didn't twig this sooner. But I'm a bit wiser now. Regards Rick
  2. BaldRick

    ImgBurn Hanging During Finalisation

    Thank you, Ian. That goes part of way to answering my post. The more I've since read up on it I realise 4 hours is the max and may be pushing it. To me it does look like you can achieve better quality with less, judging by those files of 1,048,544 KB holding less minutes of data in the examples above. But my biggest problem still remains: The issue of ImgBurn hanging at 66% each time I process the files.
  3. I've been having trouble creating an ISO file for some MP4s prior to burning a DVD. (I unchecked the 'Burn project to disc' in DVD Flick.) In summary, and with one exception, ImgBurn gets stuck at 66% every time during the Finalisation stage whilst running DVD Flick. VOB files seem to have been created successfully but no corresponding ISO file. (I've also tried in vain leaving it running overnight.) The exception being when I run it for a single mp4 file. I intend using Dual Layered DVDs for the final burn and specified this whilst setting up the project details. I know the process of DVD Flick calling ImgBurn at finalise works, as I tested the creation of ISO files using rewritable Single Layered DVDs which subsequently played on a BluRay player. Three of the MP4 episodes are just under 1 hour in length and the fourth is 51 minutes. Am I right in thinking I can comfortably get just under 4 hours on Dual Layered DVDs? Not that that is the issue at the moment. My first question is, has anyone else experienced this kind of 'hanging' trying to create an ISO for Dual Layered DVDs? (Plenty of disc space before you ask.) Cutting the project right back, I eventually tried creating the ISO for just a single MP4 which worked. So I decided to uncheck the 'Create ISO only' which resulted in a successful Finalisation and the VOB files created exactly the same size as when it hangs at 66%. I repeated this process for the 2, 3 and 4 mp4 files. My next question is concerning the amount of VOB files created each time and their sizes. I'll try my best to explain this. I've discovered that the process creates more VOB files per mp4 when I run it for 1 or 2 files than it does when I run it for 3 or 4 files. Can anyone offer an explanation for this? Is it indicating better quality with 2 hours on the DVD taking up just as much disc space as it would for 3 or 4 episodes? For instance, a file size of 1,048,544 KB shows up as 15 minute data in the 1 and 2 episode runs, yet shows as 22 mins for the 3 episode run and 29 mins for the 4 episode run. The overall amount of data storage is just under the maximum for DL discs on the 2, 3 & 4 episode runs. I find this all quite fascinating. All being well, I should be able to use the files in VIDEO_TS to burn the Dual Layered disc(s) but I would prefer to use a single ISO file to carry out this process. In my view there is slightly less to go wrong. Also there is a question mark over this conversion process - I don't wish to waste DVDs if it fails. I don't believe it's relevant but I'll mention it anyway, I am running a one year old Dell Inspiron 17 5770 under Windows 10. Sorry, bit of a lengthy one but I did try and find an answer before posting. Regards Rick Below are the file details for the 1, 2, 3 and 4 episodes run. I hope they make sense. 1 single episode - which was the only time it created an ISO file (3.83 GB)... 2 episodes... 3 episodes... 4 episodes...

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