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    Bluray ISO Rebuild

    Hi Sorry I should have been more clear. At present I am experimenting to see if I could achieve what I would like to do. Using Sony DVD Architect, you can make great menu interfaces but it compresses the videos and I don't want that, so I thought I could change the videos back to the originals with Imgburn. I have'nt made a complete bluray compilation to find I have wasted my time so as an experiment I have put an intro video, then a menu with a button to replay the intro, hence why the file is so small. I did successfully change the video but the button on the menu didn't work on the rebuild. Just in case it was something to do with what I changed I rebuilt the original ISO I made, but this also stopped the button on the menu working. The Original ISO is 697MB and the rebuild is 691MB. I use Elaborate Bytes Virtual Clone Drive to load my ISO's and play them with PowerDVD18. I find it odd because I understood from a lot of different sources while researching this that this was the program to use and that it retained the menus. I can only assume I have perhaps not set the program up properly to achieve this, but can't see my error. Hopefully you will be able to assist me, thankyou Richard
  2. RKEP

    Bluray ISO Rebuild

    Hi Sorry I didn't attach the Log file. I have done the rebuild again and attached the Log file. Thanks in advance for any help with this. ImgBurn.log
  3. RKEP

    Bluray ISO Rebuild

    Hi I am new to ImgBurn and want to rebuild a Bluray ISO made from DVD Artchitect 6, after changing the videos. I have opened the original file into a virtual drive and copied the BMDV and CERTIFICATE folders to new folder. I have had an issue with the menu not working on the rebuild? Just to prove it was nothing to do with my changes, I tried to rebuild the original contents and this produced the same result. The completely original ISO rebuilt loses the functionality of the menus? Perhaps I'm not using the correct settings. I open "create image from filles / folders" add the source folder and save the image to another, click the build. It asks about the disc name and then gives info on the build (see attached). The ISO is built and seems ok i.e. the intro video works but then the menu is not working. Please advise Thanks

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