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    Downloaded Imgburn won't run

    But why is fusion.dll there at all? I've already got 8 copies on my machine, all in Windows-related folders. I hate to say it, but if ImgBurn causes a number of different AV products to flag it, people aren't going to use it... It's not just Kaspersky, I gather. 35 AV engines flag it.
  2. ptoye

    Downloaded Imgburn won't run

    I don't think I was click happy. I downloaded from Mirror 7. Checked CRC and then manually with Kaspersky, and then double-clicked on the file. Immediately got the error screen in my original post. No extra clicks.
  3. ptoye

    Downloaded Imgburn won't run

    Hi God (as it says). The issue seems to be the Fusion.dll which is included in the distro. See the attached Kaspersky log (I tried it twice). As far as PUPs are concerned - you yourself warned me to install only from this site. or are we at cross-purposes here? I've read articles which say that fusion.dll is often distributed in corrupt versions to allow malware into the machine. e.g. https://www.completelyuninstallprogram.com/fusion-dll/ Is assume this accounts for Kaspersky's paranoia. But other articles (including one by Microsoft) imply that it's a necessary part of Windows. I seem to have 8 copies 9different sizes) on my machine! Imgburn.txt
  4. ptoye

    Downloaded Imgburn won't run

    Thanks. You're right. Why on earth does this happen? I'll ask Mr Kaspersky.
  5. I downloaded the Imgburn setup program from this site and the CRC checked OK. But when I ran it I got a message saying the it wouldn't run (see screenshot). then, about 10 secs later, the program disappeared from the File Explorer window, which then hung until I'd dismissed the error message. What on earth is going on?

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