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    Change content type

    From your current example, I have done these exact steps. When I click the last button to burn, the pop up says “content type: data”, even though I did run it through tsMuxsterGUI with no fail, chose output as blu-ray ISO, etc. I will try again following these exact screen shots and steps and give it another try. I will keep you posted and let you know my results soon. Thank you!
  2. andy53225

    Change content type

    And how do I do that? First time using ImgBurn. Thanks for any help or suggestions
  3. andy53225

    Change content type

    I shouldn’t need to what? Trust me when I tell you, I cannot change the content to “BD Video” to burn a standard BD. I can burn a DATA BD, but nothing else. Do you know how to change the settings on ImgBurn to burn a BD video as opposed to a Data BD?
  4. andy53225

    Change content type

    I created an ISO image file with MKV files, then ran it through tsMuxerGUI perfectly, and then opened ImgBurn to to burn the ISO to a BD disc. I cannot figure out how to change the content from "DATA" to "BD Video" on ImgBurn to burn a standard BD. I can only burn a DATA BD. Help!!

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