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  1. How about this one? - https://www.amazon.com/Verbatim-CD-RW-700MB-2X-12X-Rewritable/dp/B000EFQ1Y0/ref=sr_1_4?dchild=1&keywords=Verbatim%2Bblank%2Bcds&qid=1587332201&s=electronics&sr=1-4&th=1
  2. Then what brands, do you suggest? Should I buy Maxwell and Verbatim?
  3. So I tossed on a CD which played well, same with a DVD the movie played well too. But when I tried burning a blank CD using Windows Media Player it did not work, then I tried two other programs CDBurnerXP and ImgBurn neither one would work either. I am trying to burn MP3 files onto a blank CD to enjoy listening too in my car. So what's going on with my CD/DVD Drive? It did burn a CD for me a few months but now not sure what the issue is and need to know how to fix this problem! Find links to my screen shots of the issues below. https://ibb.co/5Kd0jWs https://ibb.co/T1bLHkV https://ibb.co/NsBgK49 https://ibb.co/3NNVzR6

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