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  1. Gordon H

    Burning ISO to Multi-Track Bluray Discs

    Hi, Thanks for that feedback. Sadly the Panasonic BDs recorded in DR mode won't play if copied using any of these methods as you get just one track even though all files are intact and the Panny seems to know or is looking for something else which is lost when burning everything in just one track. Never mind it was just an idea! I will update this if I find a solution! I know that HD recorded in normal Bluray style works and can be read and copied but you lose the ability to turn on and off subtitles and presumably lose a little in quality though not much. I have just kept to DR mode as it seemed the best all round but now I wonder! Rather a silly limitation since you could mass produce even HD discs if they are recorded in normal Bluray style!!
  2. Gordon H

    Burning ISO to Multi-Track Bluray Discs

    Hi, Thanks for the very quick reply! I can see that trying to make an identical copy of this disc with all 5 tracks is impossible, unless presumably I can record each track separately and don't finalise between? Would this work? Otherwise I will accept that what I am trying to do won't work and I will live with the single track solution, either using the original ISO which does make a disc, or adding the files in the usual way. I was just trying to see if I could make a backup copy of some well used discs from my Panasonic Bluray recorder which have been recorded in "DR" mode - the Panny will not play the single track copy but just shows the menu then does nothing! It is obviously programmed to know that the disc has been copied! So, I will try recording each track separately if that is possible? Naturally if this is possible it might still not put the tracks where the Panny expects them! But I could try. As I said though this is and always has been a fantastic piece of software which I use for everything.
  3. Hi, I have used the absolutely excellent ImgBurn for many years, from well before the Advanced input option was added! I tried to copy a bluray with multiple tracks. ImgBurn says it can't read multi track Blurays so I used IsoBuster. This gave an ISO and CUE file. ImgBurn will burn the ISO on its own but this gives only ONE track. When I try to use the CUE file it gives an error message: "Minutes Out Of Range", no mention in the .log file. Any ideas? Can I amend this CUE file to solve the problem? Track lengths are: Name LBA Size Size (Bytes) Modified Track 01 0 46.94 MB 49,217,536 N/A Track 02 24,032 64.00 KB 65,536 N/A Track 03 24,064 309.75 MB 324,796,416 N/A Track 04 182,656 22.21 GB 23,845,339,136 N/A Track 05 11,825,888 576.00 KB 589,824 N/A The CUE file is below, used on a standard BD-R: FILE "BD.iso" BINARY REM ORIGINAL MEDIA-TYPE: BD-R REM SESSION 01 (*) TRACK 01 MODE1/2048 INDEX 01 00:00:00 REM LBA: 0 TRACK 02 MODE1/2048 INDEX 01 05:20:32 REM LBA: 24032 TRACK 03 MODE1/2048 INDEX 01 05:20:64 REM LBA: 24064 TRACK 04 MODE1/2048 INDEX 01 40:35:31 REM LBA: 182656 TRACK 05 MODE1/2048 INDEX 01 2627:58:38 REM LBA: 11825888 REM (*) SESSION commands are not supported by all applications REM Generated by IsoBuster (https://www.isobuster.com)

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