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  1. Guys, wth… why when I try to get your tool am I presented with 100 scam download buttons all over your main page? Then every single download link is yet another page full of scams? Are you guys working together with them? Are they your scams or the advertisers scams? Is the money really worth selling out your users? This is 2020 can we get a MEGA download link instead of all this BS please? Why have 10 download mirrors that all contain misleading links and not one direct download? It amazes me that you guys are cool with this and in my eyes makes u responsible for whatever happens to someone when they go down those shady paths... But hey maybe you didn't realize your advertisers were doing this so maybe I should let u guys respond before I judge.. =/ **EDIT: I had to come back to let you know I am a seasoned tech and also post utilities anonymously for people to use freely, what they are doesn't matter. But because it has been so long since I have used your tool, and I forgot mirror #7 was actually direct, I spent 10 mins trying to dodge those BS ads and still hadn't downloaded the product.. I was like WTF this is crazy you 100% cant tell where the download link is on mirror #1.. then after being frustrated the more I looked around the more I noticed.. I'm not trying to trash you guys you made an awesome tool and it looks great. But this is ridiculous, its everything that's wrong with the internet and it shouldn't have a place here.. Like someone is literally making ads with your product name in them with a fake download button.. I mean there's a point where its just ridiculous that you allow it and basically you start to openly participate.. your better than this IMGBURN, I might know better but most people don't, you guys should really try to not create a place that puts people in jeopardy...

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