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  1. Thanks all for the responses. I reinstalled the OS and reinstalled all the apps on it. Everything worked without issue. Since I couldn't reproduce this, I'm going to call this "Windows Magic".
  2. Sorry about that! I was tinkering with options to see if I could get it to work. I reset the I/O options back to default. The updated log file is attached. The workstation is Windows 10 build 1903 (current patches installed). The line in the logfile that said Win8 threw me, but I figured it was just the driver that the application had access to. ImgBurn_log.txt
  3. Thanks for responding! @dbminter I tried the suggestion, but all the I/O options I tried did not work. Most of them require other apps to be installed to switch modes like that. I tried each one this morning to no avail. @LIGHTNING UK! I snagged the contents of the log file and attached it. The scenario is that this is a shared work machine on a non-Internet connected workstation. If possible, I'd like to avoid giving everyone local admin or the permissions to "run as administrator". ImgBurn_log.txt
  4. Hi all, I ran into an issue with a workstation I have with a built-in CD/DVDrom burner. When I load Imgburn, the app says Searching for SCSI/ATAPI devices.. CreateFile Failed! -Device: <hardware ID info> Reason: Access is denied. ... You need Administrative privileges to use SPTI. I found an older thread noting that this was the desired behavior in Windows XP from Microsoft. Has there been an update to that behavior? Why do I see this on SCSI CD/DVDroms and not USB ones? Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.
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