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  1. David Breakham

    UJ-8G6 won't read disc

    Hi, I really need help So I have burned the ISO in the last post on my DVD+R 8.5GB Now my drive keeps trying to read it and eventually IMGBurn display this error: If i put this DVD on a different PC it can still read that DVD properly If I put a disc that isn't the one I burned in the old PC(that is causing this problem) I will put the log here, but I'm not sure it's gonna help much ImgBurn.log
  2. David Breakham

    Creating windows 10 iso

    Thanks. I have finally burned the iso on my DVD and yes, it did worked. As I expected, when you boot into the DVD, Boot Manager will ask you to select 32-bit or 64-bit Windows Setup That driver problem I said earlier is because the VM is set to SATA and not IDE
  3. David Breakham

    Creating windows 10 iso

    Alright so I finally get the VM to boot with the ISO made by IMGBurn. But when I try to install Windows it says this message Any idea?
  4. David Breakham

    Creating windows 10 iso

    So when you failed to make the disc bootable, can you tell me more about it? Like, what is displaying on your screen when you boot up with your failed disc? Is it a screen of flashing "_" and then the whole screen become flashing colorful? I'm asking so because i tried to create an iso exactly like the guide and use it in the VM and this is what it behaved like
  5. David Breakham

    Creating windows 10 iso

    Oh, I mean splitting the wim file so it meet iso9660 requirements(<4gb), as Imgburn warned me
  6. David Breakham

    Creating windows 10 iso

    Hi, I have downloaded the windows 10 iso from MS media creation tool. During the image download I choose architecture type to be "Both" (so you can boot in x86 or x64). And then I realized I need to customize the wim file so it could fit on my 8.5GB DVD+R. So that's why i extracted the files inside that ISO And now i wonder if I follow the guide would it still work with this image The root directory of the image look like this: It still have etfsboot.com though Please tell me if i'm able to make an iso with that guide?

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