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  1. Just to clarify, at first I set read speed through tools->drive->set read speed. That is not working. Then in verify mode seting 4x works (but gradually starting from1x). I just set read at 6x and verify started from 2x. I think I 'll have to leave it as it is. It's noteworthy to say that I also use dvdisaster to write ecc files; this program has no speed options, so it reads at max speed, unless just after the dvdisaster's verify starts if I launch imgburn and just go to verify mode, the drive limits its speed and dvdisaster continues at the speed that imgburn set.
  2. Yes, it uses the speed set in verify mode; I just checked that and it worked. However, the verifying speed started from 1x upto 4x. I had set for 4x, and I was expecting that the verify speed would be constant. But that was not the case. Log said effective read speed 1x-4x. Is this drive/firmware issue/strategy? About the quiet setting, I don't know how to enable or disable. It's probably automatic and possibly has to do when you playback B-R video discs. As for the speed limitation, I use BDs for cold storage backup. I want to make quality backups, that's why I choose verbatim hard-coat HTL M-A-B-L disks (that are rated at 6x) and burn them at x4 (somewhere I read that even burning too low can be bad for disks). Also, when verifying at max speed the drive is about to melt from the heat, and also makes a lot of noise (not alone in the house, burning disks late at night).
  3. Ok. Do you know how to override/limit this (any method/utility)? Oh by the way, you said about strategies on the disc; when I first burned a BD (verbatim 25gb, 6x, write speed in imgburn was default max I think), imgburn went from 2x up to ~10-12x.. any thoughts?
  4. Isn't supposed that imgburn (or any similar program doing the same thing) controls the speed since it's THE program that does the verify? How can imgburn have read speed options in the verify mode (haven't tried it yet because I don't know if it's the same as the auto-verify) and not in the auto-verify? PS, it's a H-L BH16NS55 drive and supposedly has "silent play" option, but I guess its for media playback.
  5. Hello everyone, even though I set read speed in drive options (for example 4x), after the BD burn (I have the verify option checked, not using the verify mode) the disc is verified in the max speed of the drive, thus making a lot of noise. How on earth to set the read speed?

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