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  1. ANHC Support

    Error when burning

    Thank you for the suggestions. I will see if the suggested changes will allow them to continue to use the same process. If not, we will have to adjust accordingly.
  2. ANHC Support

    Error when burning

    Is there an older version that works better with that media?
  3. ANHC Support

    Error when burning

    It's a brand new drive. I am able to burn using the Windows File explorer. Is there an option I can disable or change so it works until we go thru this stock? I am not sure when it stopped working for them, but ImgBurn is the application they are using and have been for years.
  4. ANHC Support

    Error when burning

    I have a user that is not able to burn .iso files from our PACS system. It fails and we can not use the application. Any help would be greatly ImgBurn.log

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