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  1. ranshe7

    Extracting karaoke from DVD disc

    You can use imgburn to create a disk image and save it to your computer. Or simply copy the files to your computer's hard drive. Read the FAQ for this program.
  2. ranshe7

    Formatting and zeroing a new BD RE 50 GB

    What parameters should be set and how to format the BD-RE 50gb disk in ImgBurn correctly, so that it is really a disk of this size, and not less? Is there any step-by-step instructions?
  3. ranshe7

    wii iso roms

    Reinstall the system cleanly, remove everything from the boot disk, and then install ImgBurn and do not install anything else. The system is one program, and check the drive, only when these same errors appear again it will be possible to climb with" peace of mind " and change all sorts of system settings.
  4. ranshe7

    Not all sectors being read on CD-R

    The problem may also be in the drive or the disks themselves are of poor quality, which are poorly burned by a particular drive. My old drive used to burn discs that I couldn't read myself.
  5. ranshe7

    Formatting and zeroing a new BD RE 50 GB

    Well, many programs have errors, and this can also happen with ImgBurn. Perhaps you need to reinstall the program? Sometimes a simple reinstall solves many problems.
  6. ranshe7

    Info about iso file

    Yes I agree! There are so many useful sites and forums on the Internet that will help you. This is a big topic that requires a lot of time, it is unlikely that someone will be able to answer your question in detail.
  7. ranshe7

    Not all sectors being read on CD-R

    Нow do i burn a cd? Need to burn a music CD from mp3 or flac, but can't create a cue file, can't transfer it to the project? a crossed-out circle appears when transferring a file. how can this be solved?
  8. ranshe7

    ImgBurn problem

    ImgBurn just writes to disk because video problems depend on the quality of the conversion, can I try using another program to convert or reinstall the video codecs?

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