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  1. Reinstall the system cleanly, remove everything from the boot disk, and then install ImgBurn and do not install anything else. The system is one program, and check the drive, only when these same errors appear again it will be possible to climb with" peace of mind " and change all sorts of system settings.


    On 12/29/2020 at 10:31 PM, LIGHTNING UK! said:

    The problem here is that you're asking for 'help' on something that's actually quite complex... and perhaps you don't fully appreciate that?

    I don't have any code samples, I did exactly what I suggested you do.... located the specs of the file systems, learnt about the different descriptors and then wrote the code to create those descriptors. If you don't understand everything in the file descriptors and how they build up the file system as a whole, you don't stand a chance in writing a program to do what you're trying to do.

    ISO9660 is the easy one. Joliet is a slight change in order to support multibyte character sets. UDF is a different ball game, and then there are different version of that, so it's multiple different ball games.

    Actually, maybe I've assumed wrongly here? When you said you wanted to create an ISO, I assumed you wanted to 'build' one. That would involve you learning about file systems. If you just want to read a pre-existing disc in a drive and save it as an ISO, that's something entirely different. To save you wasting your time on whichever forum you go to next, spell out exactly what you're after. Arrogant people such as myself, don't like to have our time wasted by people who want something for nothing and then get all snotty when they don't get the exact answer they wanted.

    Yes I agree!

    There are so many useful sites and forums on the Internet that will help you. This is a big topic that requires a lot of time, it is unlikely that someone will be able to answer your question in detail.


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