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    Unable to burn to dual-layer DVDs on any computer

    Update: The external drive and Verbatim discs arrived, the discs burn fine. I'm going to assume that DataLife Plus dual-layer discs will burn fine as well. Now all I need is a USB 3.0 extender cable because the built-in cable is only a few inches long!
  2. SlyCooperReloadCoded

    Unable to burn to dual-layer DVDs on any computer

    Okay, good to hear.
  3. SlyCooperReloadCoded

    Unable to burn to dual-layer DVDs on any computer

    Well, I'll be able to tell you in a day or two. These are the ones I bought: https://www.amazon.com/Verbatim-4-7GB-DataLifePlus-Inkjet-Printable/dp/B0007NY0VK/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=verbatim+datalifeplus+dvd&qid=1608260067&sr=8-1 I can't find any mention of CMC anywhere on the page. Almost all of the reviews say that these specific discs have never failed them after "going through many boxes of them".
  4. SlyCooperReloadCoded

    Unable to burn to dual-layer DVDs on any computer

    The single-layered ones aren't Verbatim, however I've used over 100 of them and not a single one was a bad burn. It's a hardware issue. I'm buying a USB 3.0 external drive that can do everything except Blu-Ray (because I have a modded PS3 that can dump games) and a 50-pack spindle of the Verbatim discs recommended to me. Don't worry, I checked and they are Verbatim DataLife Plus.
  5. SlyCooperReloadCoded

    Unable to burn to dual-layer DVDs on any computer

    Since I made this post, I found out a few more things. Turns out it might actually be hardware damage. I tried burning a single-layer disc because that used to work. Used to - now it just gets stuck on "Writing Leadin" indefinitely. I'm buying an external drive now, I will buy some of the discs you recommended as well, I didn't know there was a difference.
  6. I was planning on turning a bunch of VHS tapes into a watchable DVD for a friend. However, once I got to the burning process, the issues started. For context, I'm using Verbatim DVD+R DL DVDs, and I've tried burning on two completely clean and up-to-date computers capable of reading from and writing to these discs. Their specs are: Computer 1: Windows 10 Pro x64 Intel Core i7-6700K NVIDIA GTX 1080 16 GB DDR4 Memory Computer 2: Windows 7 Home x64 Intel Core i5-6200U Intel HD Graphics 520 8 GB DDR3 Memory Now onto the issue - I'm unable to burn anything to dual-layered DVDs, but ONLY dual-layered ones. Single-layered DVDs don't have this issue. On Computer 1, attempting to burn an ISO to a dual-layered DVD causes it to get anywhere from 50% to 90% complete, then fail with the error "I/O error 0x02 Check Condition". On Computer 2, it completes the "Writing leadin" part, then stays at 0%, the drive in a loop of spinning up and spinning down, never running into any errors but also never making any progress. The ISO I'm trying to burn was created using ImgBurn, and it has the proper breakpoint set for use with dual-layered DVDs, and if I mount the ISO and load it in VLC Media Player (it's a DVD movie ISO I made using a program, so no copy protection), it loads and plays fine, so the ISO isn't the problem. If I instead use Windows 10's built-in disc burner on Computer 1, it gets to near the end of "Finaliazing disc..." then fails with error 0x8007045D, and error code stating that some hardware is broken. However, on both Computer 1 and Computer 2, I can burn anything to any single-layer DVD without any issues. I've ruled out a hardware failure since it happens across multiple computers and multiple drives, I've ruled out an OS problem since Windows 10 and 7 have similar issues, and I've ruled out the ISO being messed up since it plays fine in VLC Media Player on any computer I mount it on. I've wasted four blank DVDs out of my 10-pack, and I need four burned DVDs to give to my friend before Christmas comes because they're gifts for her family members, so I don't have time for issues, especially ones like this that defy the error codes they give out. I don't want to use any more of my discs or buy any new disc drives until this is figured out and fixed. There's only two possibilities I see, the first being much more likely: 1. ImgBurn is having some sort of bug. 2. Both my computers just coincidentally happened to break in the exact same way at the exact same time with the exact same issue. Time is of the essence for this project, and r/TechSupport on Reddit is useless as always since my posts get buried behind 2 pages of new posts almost instantly and never get seen. Anyone know what's going on here? The log file from Computer 1 is attatched. ImgBurn.log

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