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    Info about iso file

    Did I ask you to write the code for me? I just asked if you could give me some help and an answer like: "learn iso9660 and write your own program" is offensive and describes you as an arrogant person. You could have chosen other words. Being kind is cheap. I am very sorry that I joined this forum and would like to unsubscribe because I would not want to meet other people like you. I'll write the code myself at least I'll be sure it will work fine. Unsubscribe me if you can or tell me how.
  2. dmaxime

    Info about iso file

    Is this all the help I can get? Then you can unsubscribe me. Thanks.
  3. dmaxime

    Info about iso file

    Hi everyone, I would like to learn how to write a program that creates an .iso file and I would like to be able to do it independently of the operating system (Windows/Linux), unfortunately for now I have only found documentation relating to IMAPI2 libraries which are Windows dependent. Who else, better than you, could direct or provide me with some documentation and/or examples? My favorite languages are C, C ++. Could you help me? Thanks in advance

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