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  1. That worked! Thanks very much!
  2. Hello all, I'm new here. I'm trying to do something that I thought would be simple. Then when I couldn't, I thought finding an answer would be simple, given all the people out there who do this all the time. Boy was I wrong. I have not found one, straightforward answer on the internet which I cannot believe. I trying to do something very basic: for one particular album of songs by a certain band, I have ONE flac file (304 mB) which is ALL of the songs on the album, in one big file. Then it has its own CUE file, and there's an accompanying LOG file. Thats IT!!! I just want to make a CD and have all those 10 or so songs that are glued together in that one big FLAC file, separated into the 10 separate audio tracks on the final CD, which I thought was the job of the CUE sheet - to tell the CD burning software exactly where the spaces are so it can do it. Here's what I have: Band - Album.cue Band - Album.flac Band - Album.log

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