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  1. Yeah, but I'm not getting that window for some reason. Maybe because it is a data disc?
  2. Strike the above, just realized that the 73% relates to "Media Usage %", not computation completeness! Still not clear, however, how to review and change the layer break while in build ISO file mode when the Compute operation does not prompt me!
  3. ImgBurn has been an amazing tool that's worked reliably for me for a long time. So many options! However, I think I broke something now, because as you can see below, the "Calculator" function in the build mode needed for determining the layer break is stopping incomplete. In the below project, it seems to cancel at 73%, in another similar project it halts at 98%. Re-start ImgBurn, re-boot computer, etc., doesn't help! This was working on this same project last night. What causes this to happen? How can I repair it? ImgBurn v2.5.8.0 on latest Windows 10 Pro.

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