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  1. Thank you LIGHTNING UK for checking that. That helps a lot.
  2. We have a system where we write to disk when data reaches the required disk size. But we also have a setting where we have to write after certain time is elapsed. It is at this time when size can be small. As 90% of time data is written to DVD DL only DVD DL disk are bought as it is cost effective to loose a disk instead of introducing error of inserting wrong disk.
  3. Hi, I am using Imgburn to write files and folders to DVD+R DL disc in unattended mode. Occasionally file sizes are small and they can fit in one disk so I get a warning message asking should we write to layer 0 only. Got rid of that warning by setting the "Underburning" option. Now I am getting below two warnings (images attached) Can anyone please help with what settings I can get rid of these warnings? Command used to create data disk: "C:\Program Files (x86)\ImgBurn\ImgBurn.exe" /MODE BUILD /BUILDOUTPUTMODE DEVICE /SRC C:\ISOTest /FILESYSTEM ISO9660 + UDF /UDFREVISION 1.02 /VOLUMELABEL 20201017 21:17:52 /SPEED MAX /VERIFY YES /START /CLOSESUCCESS /NOIMAGEDETAILS /ROOTFOLDER YES /DELETESOURCE NO /CLOSE /CLOSEINFO Thanks in advance ImgBurn.log
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