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  1. If I create a ISO Image form files, I can set the file system with many options. I understand that ISO 9660 with its basic nameing of 8.3 was bad. So with new extension "Joliet" we can use longer names. But why ImgBurn will not sync file names with newer ISO 9660 settings. As sample, I use ISO9660 with Level3. I can use a file name of 207 char length. IfI activate Joliet with long names, too Joliet can hold 107 chars I think. Why ImgBurn now cut the names to 207 in ISO 9660 and in Joliet to 107 Chars? Why it do not sync both Tables to 107 chars? I do not find any option in ImgBurn so maybe this is a Feature Request? For me it make sense to have the file names sync if it is possible,
  2. This document is very confusing. Should notz exceed a depth of 8 directories. A directory should not exceed the descriptor with a length of 31. 31*8 = 248....where is the place for 8.3 (11) file name? However, if I check the option to allow filepath more than 255 chars, what is the max. Path length then? And if I activate this option, the filename length limit is still active? like 207 with ISO Level 3?
  3. First I thought this 255 Path issue will activate RockRidge bit.
  4. Isn't there a path length of max 1024 bytes in the tables for ISO9660? And Isn't ISO9660 Level3 with max 207 Chars with each path and file name node? This is why this 255 chars option / rule is not really clear for me. But in all Iam not an expert so maybe I missunderstand something.
  5. Hi, in the advanced settings of ISO9660 there is a checkbox "Allow More Than 255 Characters In Path" I do not understand exact the rule behind. Is this the complete path on disk like "\folder1\folder2 \file1.zip" or 255 chars of each path elements like "folder1" or "folder2"? What is the max length of a file path on disk with all folders? Thanks BTW_ ImgBurn is great!
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