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  1. I think I know what have been the problem. Rest of the games I have ripped usual make 1 bin file with ImgBurn, But the Alien have many bin and they are split from each other as there own. Maybe what it making fuzz on while trying to ripping it? Kind regards Chris
  2. Again Thank you for looking into this. I will try asking someone to help using there computer and see if it is the same result I might find another copy and see if the same there. At the moment I bought 4 new ps1 games and used ImgBurn and they pulled trough. I get back into this topic again and see if i get any luck with that Alien Trilogy game. Have a great weekend! Kind regards Chris
  3. Well then. In that case, is there another external DVD/BR driver in the market you guys would suggest? My Pc case cant put a internal variant because of no expansion slot.
  4. Hey LIGHTNING UK! I am sorry to bother you during your afternoon. Did that report document I sent in earlier found something about the disk issue? Thank you for taking your time? Kind regards Chris
  5. It's weird that is doing like this. The disk itself is in "mint" condition, not a single scratch. Guess any disk based format just decomposed it self over time. With the PlayStation classic do take the similar ISO files when rip it using the "ImgBurn" but before hand, the console need to be Software hacked with a USB. After that success it just need to extract and transfer the file of the game "me ripping them" to a specific folder, then set up the USB on the console. Its been successful so far with my collection of games I have on my shelf, except for this Alien game I have on my shelf.
  6. So Alcohol 120% is not a fluid but literally a program? So how so i use it? will it work it to transfer the file to my "Playstation Classic" mini? edited: I am trying out the Alcohol 120% and it giving me error read disk at 107518 and onwards. Yeah it's something about this game that making it trouble some to copy. :S Report text on Alco120 https://paste.ee/p/vkyZG
  7. Ok i read through the linked post. Let's if this report document helps. https://paste.ee/p/Bgyzo
  8. Hello I having little problem with backing up with this game for the PS1 called "Alien Trilogy" and been like this since last week. I wanted to back it up to a .Bin and .Cue so i can play on my "Playstation Classic". During the process the disk keep getting stuck at "Analyzing... Session 2 Track 2", even after leaving the pc for few hours. Is there some kind of protection going on in the disk? Is there something way to back it up? Kind regards Chris
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