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  1. Hi! OK, a few things to try there... thanks for your help! I'll let you know how I get on. EDIT: That worked really well. By that I mean, using Virtual CloneDrive (the method you described before this option would have worked just as well, I'm sure, but this was easier). The only catch was that the Adobe installer wouldn't let me point to it to the next virtual drive along, but all I needed to do was mount the second ISO to the virtual drive that the first ISO was using... and voila! Very easy. Thanks again!
  2. Hello. I own an old version of Adobe's Creative Suite (CS5) on DVD, which I'd like to install on my new PC. However my new PC doesn't have a CD/DVD drive. Aha... ImgBurn to the rescue! Now, CS5 is installed via 3 separate DVDs, and while I can create an ISO image for each one easily enough, when it comes to installing the application, the installer gets to around 30% of Disk 1 and then asks for 'Disk 2 to be inserted'. I'll also be asked to insert Disk 3 at some point during the installation too. Is there a way to do this with ISO files/ImgBurn? Cheers!
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