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  1. For some reason it still appears even after AnyDVD has been "disabled". It only goes away if you exit the app. But yeah, I did try that. Glad to hear that'll get fixed in the upcoming release. I'll make note of it in my "when Hell freezes over" list lol.
  2. Since you haven't seen that second error before, I managed to get a log that has it. I've attached it here if you're interested. I'm also getting another drive to confirm if it's the discs or the drive once and for all. PS: The log shows I'm running Win 8, I'm not. I'm running Win 10. ImgBurn.log
  3. Thanks for explaining. Other than it taking significantly longer to finish, there's nothing wrong with letting it continue like that is there? Also, is this type or error suggestive of a drive failing if it happens often? I also get "Retry Failed - Reason: Logical Unit has not Self-Configured Yet" sometimes.
  4. Hi, I'm curious about when I get read errors showing up in the log window but not in the program window? ImgBurn seems to continue reading the disc (albeit very slowly) when this happens. Does this mean it was able to successfully read the sectors and move on at some point? I'm sorry I don't have a log file since it's a random occurrence. But I did manage to get a screenshot once, so I've attached it since it shows what I'm talking about.
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