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  1. One more example with all average and two 50/50, which one is better? I was going to select the 2nd 50/50 because it has less padding so the "read/writer player eye" will do a shorter travel, is it right or one more fool from my crazy head??
  2. Hi, sorry but I burn it anyway, and select layer break by random, then I delete the VIDEO_TS, so I were waiting for the next DL to burn with all average, but last two had Slip: NO so very easy it was. Anyway I remember that there were 3 options all average and slip:yes ..:.. 1st. 50/50 2nd. 50/50 and 3th. 51/49 hmmm not sure last one, interesting because there was 2 with 50/50, I remember that I took the 2nd. 50/50, the dvd play ok when testing, but I did no watch it completely for now, so don't know where is the jump. As soon as I found a new rare case, I'll post the capture here for sure. Thanks, a hug.
  3. Which layer break do I select if all of then are Average? or in other words... when burning VIDEO_TS to a dvd DL: what layer break is better if all are bad? that is, all the possibilities are marked by imgburn as "Average" and no one is "good" or "excelent" or... Don't know if I have express the idea very clearly... maybe in other words... okey, okey I will stop for the moment, thanks a lot!
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