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  1. Hell, I didn't think it was too old Well, instead of screwing more DVD i'm going to buy a new drive... Thanks for the support! By the way when I burn DVD-R it burns them nicely, that why I didn't undestand why the errors with these DVD+R...also I've updated the firmware to the last one...
  2. Well, here I'am posting, maybe, my first topic requesting help... The thing is that I've tried to burn almos 4 DVD+R with the same files but in the end it cannot verify them...here i'ts my log:
  3. Well I will post the Imgburn.log I 08:42:51 ImgBurn Version started! I 08:42:51 Microsoft Windows XP Professional (5.1, Build 2600 : Service Pack 2) I 08:42:51 Total Physical Memory: 785.132 KB - Available: 415.432 KB I 08:42:51 Initialising SPTI... I 08:42:51 Searching for SCSI / ATAPI devices... I 08:42:51 Found 1 CD-ROM, 1 DVD-ROM and 1 DVD?RW! I 08:46:43 Operation Started! I 08:46:43 Device: [3:0:0] LITE-ON DVDRW SOHW-1673S JS0D (F:) (ATA) I 08:46:43 Media Type: DVD-RW (Disc ID: CMCW02) (Speeds: 2x) I 08:46:43 Quick Erase: Yes I 08:46:43 Erasing Disc... W 08:47:33 Potential 'WaitImmediateIO' Deferred Error - (0/2) - Erase Failure E 08:47:50 Operation Failed! - Duration: 00:01:07 I 08:49:21 Operation Started! I 08:49:21 Device: [3:0:0] LITE-ON DVDRW SOHW-1673S JS0D (F:) (ATA) I 08:49:21 Media Type: DVD-RW (Disc ID: CMCW02) (Speeds: 2x) I 08:49:21 Quick Erase: Yes I 08:49:21 Erasing Disc... I 08:49:23 Operation Successfully Completed! - Duration: 00:00:02 Well....after trying to erase my DVD-RW with Imgburn I decided to test it with the Windows' one... The windows' eraser didn't found any problem...and then you can see that in the second try with Imgburn it doesn't found any error. Perhaps it's the DVD that failed to erase or it's a bug of Imgburn? I don't know,I'm just asking for some help...please. Thanks. PS.Also my firmware it's up-to-date.
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