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  1. Well it's been a couple weeks, and I was debating whether or not to give ImgBurn 2.2 another go. I really like the features, I just am leary about wasting DL discs. Since this thread was started, I've burned 10+ 360 games using ImgBurn 2.1 fine, so that should debunk any theories about my burner being the prob. My thoughts are as follows: Before I had the Vista Transformation Pack installed- which is known to make it impossible to rip 360 games with a Samsung SHD-162C. Uninstalling/removing/system restore/registry backups won't fix that, only a complete format and reinstall will remove the Vista Pack completely. I've since done that with a clean reinstall of XP, so the Vista Pack may have been at fault. Or, perhaps manually adjusting the layer break in ImgBurn 2.2 isn't necessary. I know LightningUK pointed out that the ability to import L0 info from a dvd file was present for ImgBurn 2.0 and later, but in the gui (on my setup at least), it would still read as 2xxxxxxx something with the layer break left on user specified when importing the dvd file to ImgBurn. It may indeed sort it correctly while burning, I'm just saying what the gui shows. Needless to say, I backed up Phantasy Star Universe with no probs using ImgBurn 2.2. What changed my mind was sosoit from the xbox-scene forums. I've read a couple of his posts, and he seems very sharp with accurate info. He endorsed ImgBurn 2.2, and other people haven't had problems with it. It's one game, and no definitive conclusions can be drawn from that, but I'm glad it worked. I will report back. Btw, if my reaction was defensive before, it was for good reason- I am a moderator at Xtreme-Source.com, and have authored several guides on PS2/Xbox 1/360 modding/backups/software, etc. I am certainly fallable, but I am definitely no newbie, I just kinda felt I was being addressed that way. In the end, I love ImgBurn, nothing will change that. It has earned my trust for 500+ successful PS2/Xbox 1/360 backups with less than a 1% coaster rate.
  2. By "tweak" I mean that I disabled some warning dialogues, disabled verify, and set the L0 break to 1913760, which is mandatory in DVD Decrypter/ImgBurn for 360 backups to boot on a modded Xbox 360. Obviously none of that is affecting my burn. I've never used verify or logs in previous versions of ImgBurn and never had probs. With both games, I later burned successful backups with other programs. I am virtually certain the problem is not the media, I don't use budget media, only Verbatim and Taiyo Yuden. My burner has no probs burning other stuff, is in DMA, has correct jumper settings, and up-to-date firmware. I burn at half the rated speed of the disc (on DL media anyway). It comes down to whether or not I want to burn more DL games that I know will be coasters. I'm undecided on that. If I do, I'll post the logs. If not, I'll use ImgBurn 2.1 for 360 backups.
  3. I realize that the vast majority of coasters are user error. I myself hold that maxim to be true in the mod community. I don't feel that is the case here. I have burned 1,000+ discs in the past year and am fairly knowledgeable about DVD Media. Of the coasters I've had with DL media in my last 40 burns, there have been 3. One was a bad disc (0 quality in CD/DVD Speed) and the other two with ImgBurn 2.2. More than likely it's a setting thing in ImgBurn 2.2. I'm not pointing the finger, and I certainly could be wrong. The main purpose of this post is to gather input and see if anyone else has similar probs. I appreciate your input, and will tweak some settings and see what I find. No one should have to endure DL coasters, too expensive lol.
  4. Yep, first place I checked. Only the 2.1 logs are present from my last burn. I want to get this working, will post my 2.2 logs as soon as I get a chance.
  5. I deleted all traces of ImgBurn 2.2, so the logs are gone. I realize that it isn't possible to get an accurate picture of what's going on without the log. I really don't think it was a bad burn, two DL Verb coasters in four burns is pretty unlikely. Can I prove it wasn't a bad burn? No. I just trust my instincts. I appreciate the help. I think I will go ahead and backup an iso that I know works and post the log, that way you guys can look through it. It's certainly possible I missed something or there's an errant setting. Will post when I get a chance, thanks for the input.
  6. In all honesty, I never really use the logs. I regularly maintainence my PC, and I almost never have probs with burning apps. Most times if there's a prob, it's common sense stuff anyway. I don't want to sac any more DL media, but maybe in the interest of solving this, I will or find someone knowledgeable who has a log with ImgBurn 2.2 and DL media on standby. I never really use the verify feature either, it doesn't seem to make much difference imo. ImgBurn is so reliable that I've never needed to use it. I've never had any problems with ImgBurn that I can recall in hundreds of burns. If I decide to burn another DL disc with ImgBurn 2.2 or can find someone willing to share a log, I will definitely post it. Thanks for the input.
  7. First off, lemme say I'm a huge fan of ImgBurn, used it since v1.2 when I first became aware of it, I swear by it and recommend it to others without hesitation. That being said, I recently updated to ImgBurn 2.2. I've used 2.1 to successfully backup 30+ 360 games on Verb DVD+R DL media with no probs. The L0 is set correctly to 1913760, my 360 is modded, and CMC Mag is a profanity in my house, never comes near my burner or 360, I only use Taiyo Yuden's for DVD-5 media and Verb DVD+R DL for DVD-9 media. I tried to backup two Dual Layer discs of late, one for PS2 and one for Xbox 360. The layer break was set to auto for PS2 (which always worked in the past for PS2), and 1913760 for my Xbox 360 backup. The PS2 backup booted, but lagged horribly on Verb's, and would lock up at load screens. I reburned it with DVD Decrypter and it worked fine. My Xbox 360 backup wouldn't boot at all, just gave me disc read errors. I reburned it with ImgBurn 2.1, worked perfectly. I have a Liteon 16W1P with the current firmware (none available at present, just stock fw). My burner is in DMA, I have 300+ PS2 backups, 200+ Xbox 1 backups, and 40+ 360 backups, so I'm not new or anything. I burn my DVD-9 backups at 4x on 8x discs, and never had probs with ImgBurn 2.1, CloneCD, or Xbox Backup Creator. I have one other confirmed report of this, a friend of mine backed up a 360 game that he has made several successful copies of with ImgBurn 2.1 and CloneCD. He burned it at 4x with ImgBurn 2.2, and got Disc Read Errors on his modded 360. After two DL coasters, I uninstalled 2.2 and went back to 2.1. Obviously this hasn't been replicated enough to confirm any kind of bug report. My instincts just tell me it's something that changed in the ImgBurn 2.2 update concerning DL write strategies. Due to the high cost of DL media, I'm not willing to do any kind of in-depth experimentation and see if I can find the source of the problem, or even that the recent ImgBurn update is the cause. I just wanted to put a word of warning out to anyone who uses ImgBurn 2.2 to backup DL media, particularly on Xbox 360 or other consoles, and give the creators some feedback. Thanks for any input from Lightning UK. As someone who's active in the console modding community, we owe you guys a huge debt; ImgBurn/DVD Decrypter are the holy grail of console backups, keep up the great work!
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