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  1. Add a pipe ('|') between them or use an IBB file.



    Is this mean that the CLI can take an IBB switch? So that I can always ask to load a particular project file?


    In fact is there a way to always load a particular project file or the most recent ibb??


    Thank you in advance.




    Sorry I found it - no /ibb required; just adding a file with a .ibb extension automagically opens the gui with the project loaded.


    Thanks again



  2. ...burning program that is easy to use and fits on a floppy over Nero ...

    Wow -this was by design? And I thought I was incredibly intelligent for being able to figure that out for myself!



    And audio CDs is coming in the next release. :)

    And after this ULTIMATE update, one would never need to even look at any more writing programs!!!




    After using Imgburn my coaster rate has dropped to ZERO! (from about one in four!)


    Even DVDdecrypter was better than Nero; but it seemed that the few-and-far-between reasons to keep Nero around kept diminishing, and when Imgburn2 came around, it sealed the proverbial fate. Imgburn, it should be noted, just works! (from a 233MHz to a 733 to 1.4GHz to the 3.2... CPUs) and even with 512MB RAM



    We older-newbies are forever fans of this group LUK, Blutach, DG, r0lZ, JSoto, dspguru....!!


    Thanks again

  3. This is by design. When left blank in the GUI, it uses my defaults (or what the specs say the fields should contain). So you can't ever leave these fields blank but you CAN change them to something else if you really need to. For 99.999999% of people, 99.99999% of the time, there's never a reason to do that.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~



    @LUK: Is it possible to save the Volume Identifier settings at all?

    eg: The System always remains the same;

    The Vol. Set has a literal and a number that I manually increase;

    The Other Info usually stays the same;

    Can I save this somewhere so it will always be used.


    Thanks again for this wonder!


  4. Thanks for the quick reply.


    Do you have 'Preserve Full Paths' selected?


    If so, uncheck it.




    In the Tools --> Settings --> General --> Advanced box

    the Create MDS - Preserve Full Pathnames is NOT checked.


    I couldn't find any other reference in the Settings.




    EDIT: Sorry- I see it now in the Options. Thanks again!!

  5. Hello


    Firstly THANKS to LUK! for this great program.


    I have read through the last fifteen pages or so- I am trying to create a CD/RW that has files (and folders). When I try to include only the main folder (as a single folder), the burn works but creates an entire (folder) tree structure with all preceding folders. I checked the Tools --> Settings --> Build tab, and the "Don't Prompt Root Content" is NOT checked. Of course I tried everything else I could think of.


    All I want to do is to copy one folder on to a CD with everything in that folder (below) to the root directory of the CD.


    I have tried this four times with all combinations of settings. I always get the following:


    Trying to get single folder F7G --> CD(RW) from this tree


    C:\FoldA\FolderB\FolderC....\FolderF\F7G\Files1...Files7 and Dir1 Dir2 Dir3


    Instead of X:\Files1..Files7 and Dir1 Dir2 Dir3 [This is what I want!]


    I get X:\FoldA\FolderB\FolderC....\FolderF\F7G\Files1...Files7 and Dir1 Dir2 Dir3



    I used to use Nero because it kept he file dates the same, whereas the XP Explorer would change the file dates/times to current.


    I noticed that ImgBurn had the capability to burn files, with the option to keep the date/times and thought this GREAT program would now have 1001 uses (for me!)


    The first time I tried this I remember a pop-up alert asking if the file folder contents should be in the root (or something like that), I replied yes, but I don't get that prompt anymore.


    Your assistance in this would be greatly appreciated.





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