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  1. There is only one DVD drive in the system and it was selected to boot from before the HD. It turns out it is an old DVD drive that will not read recorded DVDs. Luckily I was able to download the software on CDs and load it that way.
  2. You are quite corredt, I checked the DVD in another machine and it is bootable. Must be something f-ed up in my other machine that prevents it from booting from a DVD. It's probably the DVD drive since the mobo came from a machine that I know boots DVDs. Thanks for your response and getting me to check the obvious! Great program! Thanks for the work!
  3. I tried burning the Windows Vista x86 install DVD from an ISO (legally downloaded from MSDN) onto a DVD+RW. I'm running ImgBurn on Windows Vista x64. The DVD appears to burn properly and the autorun works if I place it in a machine with Windows XP. The problem is that the DVD will not boot. I keep on getting NTLDR Not found when trying to boot the DVD. I have burned the x64 Vista ISO image using Nero (Under XP) and it was bootable.
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