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  1. I really appreciate the response. Think I have a clearer understanding of the Shrink copying on a 4.7 disk...but I needed to burn a dual disk as my Alaska trip movie was very long. Tried Imgburn and went step by step on their guide and seems I have finally (I think) successfully burned a dual disk....but have no clue what I am doing...but ImgBurn seems to have included first time users in their copying....but it is complex for the first time user. Unfortunately I cannot test it on my TV as we had and electrical storm and blew my TV, DVD disk player and Tivo box even though I had surge protecors gallore. But the tech experts say the generated magnetic fields cause the problem no matter what the expense or of the surge protector. I can understand the frustrations of the creators of the software when relating to beginners problems. All I can say is that I am really trying to understand Ripit4me....Decryptor....Shrink...Imgburn....and how they interact. I have read all the forum sites and just cannot get a simple link to explain the differences of the software. Again thanks...and if you have a link that simply explains ISO and VTO...build and write.. I would appreciate your help. I appre
  2. Still confused. Have previously made ISO files with Shrink and then successfully burned a DVD from the ISO file with ImgBurn. I will try the build mode and hopefully it will burn a dual disk. I will keep in touch.
  3. I have always been confused as to the difference of burning an iso file as oppossed to burning the Video_TS folders. Have read and reread the Rip It4me, Decrypter and Shrink and image burn documentation over and over and still do not understand the difference. If you can steer me to a source that explains the above I would appreciate it.
  4. Receiving this message when trying to burn a Verbatim +R Dual disk. Optional L1 Data Zone Start LBA: None Found! (VTS_04). This image has not been mastered correctly for burning onto a double layer (OTP Track Path) disc. None of the cells meet the 'DVD-Video Specification criterea for a potentioal layer break partition. I tried to copy the dual layer DVD (to archive my original) as an ISO file with Shrink 3.2 (I have the latest version). I unfortunately did not copy the error message I received. I then used Rip It4Me and Decrypter...then Shrink 3.2 to write the iso file. All the encoding seemed to go fine. Then when I again tried ImgBurn I received the above error. I am using a Plextor 760 Burner and have no problem with single layer disks. Have read and searched the forum and I have no clue what is going on. Attached is an image of my folder where the vob files are located. WANNABEE 7,989,462 KB ISO FILE VIDEO_TS 1,262 KB VOB FILE VIDEO_TS.BUF 20 KB BUF FILE VIDEO_TS.IFO 20 KB IFOFILE VTS_01_0 14,002 KB VOB FILE VTS_01_0.BUF 16 KB BUF FILE VTS_01_0_IFO 16 KB IFO FILE VTS_01_1 20 KB VOB FILE VTS_02_0.BUF 14 KB BUF FILE VTS_02_0_IFO 14 KB IFO FILE VTS_02_1 249,300 KB VOB FILE VTS_03_0.BUF 14 KB BUF FILE VTS_03_0_IFO 14 KB IFO FILE VTS_03_1 239,030 KB VOB FILE VTS_04_0 121,566 KB VOB FILE VTS_04_0.BUF 86 KB BUF FILE VTS_04_0_IFO 86 KB IFO FILE VTS_04_1 1,048,544 KB VOB FILE VTS_04_2 1,048,544 KB VOB FILE VTS_04_3 1,048,544 KB VOB FILE VTS_04_4 1,048,544 KB VOB FILE VTS_04_5 1,048,544 KB VOB FILE VTS_04_6 1,048,544 KB VOB FILE VTS_05_0.BUF 44 KB BUF FILE VTS_05_0_IFO 44 KB IFO FILE VTS_05_1 1,048,544 KB VOB FILE VTS_05_2 309,374 KB VOB FILE Appreciate any help. Am I not setting something in Img Burn or Shrink? VTS_04_1 239,030 KB VOB FILE
  5. Everything woking fine. However can someone clarify the difference in burning from the stored ifo, buf and vob files as opposed to creating and ISO file and burning from the ISO. Any advantages or disadvvantages. Thanks.
  6. Groundrush, Thanks...for the clear thread. Will download both versions as I am now running Windows 2000 but plan to convert to Vista this comming week. Do not look forward to the ordeal but many new programs do nos support 2000.
  7. Hi all, I do have and am using Shrink 3.2.15. Have also checked the Stickys on the Forum and cannot find any mention of Shrink that automatically kicks into ImgBurn. I will try to import the folder with the ifo, fub and vob's again a bit later. Gotta go to work. Will keep in touch.
  8. Issue 1. I am using the latest 3.2 Shrink. The only other is a download for shrink at a price...but I thought Shrink was a free program. Issue 2. I have read and re read the Guide...and when I get to the Build menu I cannot generate the files for a burn. I dilligently followed the instructions and created a folder called Test and a subfolder called Video_TS. Copied all the ivo., buf and vob files into the subfolder Video_ts. Imgburn would not recognize any of the folders when I tried to import the files in the Build mode. Just point me to a guide that will give me instructions on how to burn ifo, buf and .vob files from the hard drive.
  9. Issue 1. Read the Guides on how to rename DVDDecrypter.exe and have Imgburn act as the burning execute file when using shrink. However using Ripit4me as the startup file I cannot target (the renamed DVDDecrypter.exe) DVDDecrypter original.exe in the Ripit4me startup. How can I target my renamed file DVDDecrypter original.exe using the Ripit4me routine Issue 2. Have compiled a DVD and saved it to my hard drive using DVDDecrypter and Shrink. The files saved are as .ifo, .buf and .ifo files. I want to use Imgburn to burn to my DVD burner. However Imgburn is looking for iso files. When using Build I can import the .ifo, buf and ifo files but then get this message (You've only selected DVD files. Do they represent the content of what should ge a Video_TS folder in the root directory of the image? Otherwise the files will be visible in the root directory of the image.) I do not know what that means and cannot find an explanation for it in the guides. How do I burn the compiled ifo., buf and vob files stored on my hard drive? Sure do need some help.
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