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  1. When you ASS U ME guess who's the biggest FOOL of all "the one without all the information". I DID NOT USE ImgBurn captain DUMB ASS... I WIN INFINITY
  2. You've already been told what the problem is and it's your equipment - not the software. You may either choose to learn more by asking a relevant question (preferably in the chat forum) or continue with the type of sarcasm that is unlikely to impress even a six year old. We don't give a flying fuck either way. Learn or not, the choice is yours. Well "foul mouth" it never was MY EQUIPMENT it was the MOTHER FUCKING SOFTWARE!!! Looks like the 6 year old student made a monkey's ass out of the teacher. Not that anyone gives a flying fuck
  3. everybody loves a smart ass UM NOT
  4. I would assume color TDK DVD-R
  5. OK how do I fix the region then?
  6. Brand new Samsung LCD TV and bought new Philips DVD player as well. All DVD movies play fine except this one. I burned it with Imgburn. Nothing to do with equipment. Plays in full color on PC. On the PC the sound is a bit low and slow to respond after pause and restart. But nothing other than that. So could it be the file, the burn, the DVD, or something else? I never messed with region of the DVD burned with defaults.
  7. It plays perfectly on my computer, however when I put it in the DVD player to play on my TV it shows in black & white. Any suggestions?
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