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  1. Imgburn refuses to open an ISO image created by Easy CD Creator 5.3 ISO. Imgburn gives an error message that this is an invalid image. I am reasonably certain that this is a problem with Roxio not following the ISO standard properly. Unfortunately, it seems that I can not convince the source that this ISO is proprietary and does not follow proper ISO conventions because it is read and burns fine with Roxio and Nero. So since you already support .NRG (Nero) could you add the support for the stupid Roxio non-standard ISO format. In order to get Imgburn to recognize this ISO I have to run it though UltraISO which reads in the 207MB ISO but shows an actual data size of 182MB. If you have any questions or need any further information from me please let me know. I am a donated user, if that makes a difference:) Thanks!
  2. Sure, I can either post or e-mail the first 5MB of the image. If I post the first 5MB it will be encrypted via TrueCrypt because the software contained is proprietary and I do not want to get in trouble, I can then send you the decryption key via e-mail. One question though, with what tool can I slice 5MB off an ISO? Thanks for all the help from the others in this forum. Thanks also for you taking the time to look into this for me Can I have your autograph?
  3. I do not have winrar installed. However 7-zip also can extract ISOs and 7-zip did not like the ISO either. My workaround was to run this through the eval version of UltraISO which allowed me to re-save the ISO which had no problems being read by 7-zip or Imgburn. The eval version of UltraISO has a 200MB writing limit which my ISO just happened to be under. BTW I am using the latest version of ImgBurn. (V2.2.0.0)
  4. I do not know how to post an image here so here is a short run down of what UltraISO says that this ISO is. Media 650MB/74Min CD File System ISO 9660 Joliet ISO 9660 FileName Format Windows/Unix(31) Joliet FileName Format Standard(64) Label Volume: SDEP System ID: CD-RTOS CD-BRIDGE APPLICATION: EASY CD CREATOR 5.3 (010) COPYRIGHT ? 1999-2003 ROXIO, INC.
  5. No, this is purely data CD. I did not know that you could put a multi-track image in an ISO? UltraISO only shows 1 track although it seems to ignore 27MB of data from the image, I can only chuck this up to the nonstandard ISO format of Easy CD Creator. Is this a music CD? ImgBurn doesn't do multitrack images. More info would help alot.

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