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  1. It'd be nice to have a way for imgburn to trigger an external program or batch file based on certain events. I'd like the ability for a completed burn to run a batch file, but of course only on completion of a successful burn. Perhaps something added to the Sounds tab in the Settings? Meanwhile, does imgburn use exit codes? Could I configure quit on completion and then run from a batch file and have that batch file detect success/fail when imgburn exits?
  2. Bill Kearney

    Support for Sony VGP-XL1B media changer?

    The hardware would support it, it's just a media changer after all. Windows itself (XP anyway) supports it with a Microsoft driver. The software that comes with it from Sony, however, is only designed to work within Media Center 2005 (vista version coming any day now). But there are a couple of utilities that allow controlling the changer independently of the MCE software. Right now ImgBurn just sees it as one drive. I use MCE or the utilities to manually control which disc is loaded. I'd imagine that ImgBurn would have to do something like be able to start recording from a given slot number (0 through 199) and then have options on what to do about skipping to the next disc. As in, skip ahead only once, or keeping skipping until returning to the current slot, looking for blank media each time. It might be interesting to have an option to require the blank media to be "the same" as whatever the starting disc happened to be. That way the math calculating space needed wouldn't have to deal with skipping between CD, DVD and DVD+DL capacities. If you start with +DL then the subsequent ones have to be the same, or likewise for DVD and CD media. It's be nice to have it be able to automagically deal with recalculating but I could live without it. I can only imagine the hassles of starting with a DVD+DL, then coming across a CD-R and then a DVD+R. Oh, and toss in DVD+RW and DVD-RAM too. Heh, I suppose there's also sorts of complicated options that users might want. But a basic way to tell it to march through the discs would be a fantastic starting point. I'd be willing to kick in a few bucks to a paypal fund if it meant buying one for development. I picked up one cheap off eBay but Amazon also had some for $200.
  3. Are there any plans to have ImgBurn support media changers like the Sony VGP-XL1B 200 disc unit? It'd be really handy to be able to use ImgBurn to dump a whole series of files to a number of discs. The media changer interface shows up as a windows device, as does the drive unit itself (in this case a Matshita DVD-RAM SW-9584). ImgBurn works with the drive just fine, but only as a standalone single drive. To change discs you have to use an external program, in this case either Microsoft's MediaCenter 2005 or a freeware program called 'mediachanger' from Alex Whetmore. This hardware is essentially the same as a Powerfile C200. So, any shot of being able to use it from within ImgBurn?

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