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    Build ISO9660 dir limits

    Actually the C:\XXXXXXXXXXXXX\XXXXXXXXXXXXXX\XXXXXXXXXXXX... is "my document" folder under C:.I build several layers of temporary folders under my document, and unzip files for burning... A bit clumsy... Stephen
  2. Stephen

    Adding SHA1 to disk verification

    "Compares at byte level" The most reliable way of comparison. No more worries about integrity! Thanks very much for this great software!
  3. Stephen

    Build ISO9660 dir limits

    Hello Lightning I have a similar problem (or not so similar) as Chance: If I have a file with very long path C:\XXXXXXXXXXXX\XXXXXXX\XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX\XXXXXXXXXXXXx\XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX\XXXXXXXXXXXX\AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.avi to my DVD, ImgBurn seemed to burn normally, but hang after cycling the tray for verification. The log said "waiting for drive to be ready". I heard a bit click sound then it seemed to hang at there and the drive kept running. when I tried putting the file to a short path (near the root C:\XX\AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.avi). ImgBurn burned, cycled and verified normally. It shouldn't break the limit of ISO9660 nor UDF (I use ISO9660 + UDF) as I just add the file to the root of the DVD and not the whole path. The file name length I counted was no more than 100 chars, and all are only english chars (with 2 symbols "[" and "]"). Is that my problem or something get wrong? Stephen
  4. If possible please consider adding or replacing SHA1 to md5 for verification. md5 has been proved to be flawed. Just my two cents. Stephen

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